tassos metal lasersAt Tassos Metal we have three 4,000-watt Amada Pulsar Lasers, which can cut up to 7/8 inch cold rolled steel, ½ inch aluminum and ½ inch stainless steel.

The Pulsars lasers have reposition clamps instead of a fixed bed, enabling the laser to cut parts longer than 120”.

Tassos Metal also uses 3D modeling software so that we can manipulate your files to create laser programs, avoiding human error while saving time and money.

The lasers also will talk with the turret punches, which allows them to use emboss, countersinks, semi perf, etc., on odd-shaped parts without having to additionally charge you for tooling.

punch pressTassos Metal has three Amada Pegas turret punch presses with auto index that can hold 58 tools. This shortens set-up time, saving you money.

Our Pega punch press has a 60” X 96” bed enabling us to punch large parts that require many holes without additional set-up.

Having been established over 30 years ago, we have all the tools needed for most jobs so we can save you money on our existing tools (cluster, emboss, louvers, semi perf, countersinks and more).

Tassos Metal has two LVD (one 70-ton press brake and one 130-ton press brake) and recently purchased 8 new Cincinnati press brakes (four 60-ton press brakes, two 90-ton press brakes, and one-150 ton press brake). The 150-ton press brake has a 150” bed for forming long parts.

The set-up operators have the experience and the know-how for forming very difficult parts while maintaining critical dimensions and watching for a buildup of tolerance.

At Tassos Metal there are three Pemserters and two Hagers for inserting hardware.

There are all types of hardware on hand, allowing us to make parts at moment’s notice. If parts have lots of hardware we maintain a high quality by using fixtures to insure that no hardware is missing.

forming hardware insertion

We have welders that have worked here for over 15 years and have experience in mig, tig, fuse, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel welding. We also do air tight welding which we double-check to make sure is leak-proof before shipping.

We also have experienced grinders that will make all welds look great, whether it’s a corner or flush grind. We manufacture a lot of cosmetically sensitive parts here and have become very skilled in making them look perfect for our customers.

We also do sand blasting and utilize a stroke sander to put #4 finishes on parts.


At Tassos Metal we do in-house powder coating and screening. We stock most types of paints and can order whatever spec of paint is required.

Our oven is military spec, meaning it can hold the degree from corner to corner + or – 1 degree.

If provided with the correct art work we can do all screening in house.